How to Play

First of all, in a Traditional Lottery Pool, each member within a lottery group will contribute money to purchase lottery tickets with the hope of sharing a multi-million dollar Jackpot. With MyFreeLottoPools, the posted Lotto Max tickets are purchased with advertising revenue generated from website traffic and affiliate ad revenue which is how we plan on making keeping this 100% free for members.

Secondly, as with most lottery pools, all small ‘teaser winners’ ($1, $2, $7, etc.) are recycled back into helping to pay for administration costs and to purchase tickets for the next pool. This way, new pools can be opened week after week until a Jackpot is won.

Third, because the number of participants of MyFreeLottoPools lottery pools can grow into the hundres, cash payouts only occur for Jackpot wins (7 matches out of 7 numbers). For any second and third place prizes, such as 6 or 5 matching numbers out of 7 – which payout substantially less than a Jackpot win – MyFreeLottoPools will then hold various draws for members giving away guaranteed cash prizes if we ever build up a cash position.

How To Register and join MyFreeLottoPools FREE lottery pools

Step 1Register by creating a profile. This is required so that we can confirm users and eligibility in the case we win.

Step 2 Confirm your email address by clicking on the confirmation link that will be sent to your inbox.

Step 3 – Login and and Opt in to the upcoming draw in the Opt-in button. Make sure you receive a registration email to confirm you are in the upcoming draw. *Note – A copy of our lottery ticket will be posted to the event page and on our Facebook page by end of day Tuesday to help ensure everything is transparent.

Step 5 – Hope our numbers are drawn!

Results will be posted on the event page the following day so you can compare our pool ticket against the drawn numbers. An email with the results will also be sent to all participating pool members.

Be Sure to Opt in to the Lotto Max lottery pools every week. Once you create a profile, you will only have to login and opt-in to participate in future lottery pools.


Please note – Credit Card information will NEVER be requested. If you receive such a request, do NOT provide this information. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at